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How to Spend a Weekend In Paris

Paris, the city of love, whether you are visiting with your partner, best friend or yourself it is undoubtedly the most romantic city in the world but it is also surprisingly large. There is so much to see and do, from historical landmarks and museums, to famous shopping destinations and michelin star restaurants. Therefore, I […]

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Moving to Paris | Why I chose paris

Surely it doesn’t take a genius to understand why I chose to relocate to Paris this year, though it might surprise you to hear that I have been asked quite a few times by quite a few people that exact question. Now, I understand there is an entire world out there to explore. I could […]

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What Is ‘Bisous From Paris”?

First of all, welcome! I am so excited that you are here in my little corner of the internet, to join me on my journey as I move to Paris. ‘Bisous From Paris’ was born when I decided, back in May 2021, that I wanted to move to Paris and that I would get a […]

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