What Is ‘Bisous From Paris”?

First of all, welcome! I am so excited that you are here in my little corner of the internet, to join me on my journey as I move to Paris.

‘Bisous From Paris’ was born when I decided, back in May 2021, that I wanted to move to Paris and that I would get a job as an Au Pair to do so. I had felt stuck and stagnant in my life up until that point. We had just come out of our third lockdown in the UK due to the pandemic, and I had been working from home as an online English Tutor but just wasn’t loving it anymore. I realised I didn’t want to stay in my hometown any longer and that I wanted an adventure. I wanted to explore and experience living in a new country, learn a new language, and ultimately have this amazing adventure that would inspire me and get me excited about life again.

So, fast forwards two months later and I have secured a lovely family for who I will be working as an Au Pair from September. I have finally been granted my visa and I am only two weeks away from moving to Paris. I have decided to move in mid-August so that I can have a short holiday in Paris before I begin working, it will also help in case Covid lockdowns or restrictions try to prevent me from leaving in time for my new job to start.

Why start this blog?
Good question. I decided to start Bisous From Paris as a way to document my time in Paris. It will act as my diary/journal where I can document all of my adventures and experiences. I also wanted it to be a place that people come for help and advice. If they are considering becoming an Au Pair I will have lots of blog posts on here about how to apply, how to get a visa, how to find a family etc.

What does ‘Bisous From Paris’ mean?
Bisous is French for kisses. So Bisous From Paris literally means Kisses from Paris!

Can I find you anywhere else?
Yes! I have a Youtube channel where I will be posting vlogs and videos all about my daily life in Paris. It is also ‘Bisous From Paris’. I also have an Instagram (@eliciahodgson) where I will be posting daily updates, photos, and stories from Paris. So follow me on Instagram if you would like an insight into daily life in Paris as an Au Pair.

If you would like to join me on my adventure and learn about what life is really like as an Au Pair in Paris then please join our community!

Elicia x x

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