Moving to Paris | Why I chose paris

Surely it doesn’t take a genius to understand why I chose to relocate to Paris this year, though it might surprise you to hear that I have been asked quite a few times by quite a few people that exact question. Now, I understand there is an entire world out there to explore. I could have chosen anywhere to relocate to; Rome, New York, Sydney and so on, yet I settled on Paris. Why?

Surprisingly I have only ever visited Paris once, back in 2019 for a short 4 day break with my sister but in that short time I fell in love with the city. The architecture is outstanding, the landmarks are beautiful, the food is delicious and the language is almost musical. I immediately felt at home during my short time in the city and told everyone and anyone who would listen that one day I would live there. I never actually believed that I would, relocating is a scary thing to do and whilst it’s something I’ve always wanted to do I never believed I was brave enough to follow through.

Then the pandemic hit. I was stuck in a small town in the middle of nowhere in the Yorkshire countryside, working from home for almost a year and a half and I was fed up. I hated my job, having fallen out of love with it long before Covid, and I felt stuck. I tried to imagine what else I could do with my future, I thought about places to live and jobs I could do and after weeks of consideration I came up blank. Then I realised it was time to make a serious decision, I either applied for a job I didn’t want and get stuck in another rut or I could do something drastic.

And so, I cast my net wider. I stopped thinking of what I should do to make other people happy and I stopped listening to what society was telling me I should do or should have achieved in my life by now and thought about what I wanted. The answer I came to…adventure. The next day I made a profile on and remembered how a few years ago I had been obsessed with the idea of living in Paris, so I sent my application to as many families as I could find in Paris and waited for their response. Just days later I had secured a family and somewhere to stay, and the process of relocation began.

So, why Paris? There isn’t really one definite answer, one definite reason as to why that was the clear choice for me above all others, instead it was more of a feeling. When I think of Paris it feels like home, it feels like a place I could belong and create a life for myself. A place full of beauty, love, opportunity and adventure. A place where I want to plant roots and start living life on my own terms.

If you could relocate anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

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