How to Have a Productive Morning

We’ve all been there, we have so much to do be it a project for school or a deadline looming for work and yet when our alarm goes off we hit snooze or immediately begin scrolling through social media and before you know it you’ve wasted half your morning. When that happens it can disrupt our whole day, we can get into a negative mindset and procrastination becomes our best friend.

As a freelance writer, author and soon to be au pair in September organisation and the right morning routine is the key to having a successful day. If I allow myself to scroll through social media when I first wake up, I may as well kiss goodbye to the rest of the day as my drive and productivity goes out of the window. Therefore, I put together a few rules and routines for the days where I need to be productive and I hope you find them helpful!

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It sounds obvious but we’ve all been there. Falling into bed the night before at ridiculous o’clock and forgetting to set our alarm, or setting it and then hitting snooze in the morning. It’s so important, if you want to start your day off on the right foot and be productive, to set your alarm and get up as soon as it goes off. I prefer to set my alarm for 7am, for some that will be too early and others way too late – find the time that best suits you and your situation. It may be hard the first few days but if you stick to it you’ll soon find your body clock adjusting and it becoming much easier to get up.


Leave your phone in another room or if you need it for your alarm avoid checking notifications or going on any apps, instead simply turn off your alarm and place your phone out of reach. If it helps you could even turn off your phone completely in the beginning to take away any temptation to begin scrolling.


Beginning your day with meditation and yoga really helps to calm your mind and puts you in the right headspace for the rest of the day. Put on some calming music, or listen to a guided meditation on youtube, and clear your mind of any stresses or worries about the day ahead. Following up with yoga or morning stretches is a gentle and easy way to get your body moving first thing in the morning and you’ll feel more energised and refreshed when you have finished.


Making a to-do list is key to having a productive day as you can keep referring back to it throughout the day and it makes sure you don’t forget to complete any important tasks. I am obsessed with to-do lists and have notebooks full of them, I find it takes a load of my shoulders when everything is written down instead of me attempting to remember it all in my head. Writing it the night before ensures you begin the day on the right foot, and checking it in the morning helps to refresh your memory on what you need to get done that day.


One of my absolute favourite things about my productive morning routine is that I allow myself to eat one of my favourite breakfasts with a cup of coffee and to just take my time and enjoy my food. It is something I look forwards to everyday, and I find a lot of peace either listening to a podcast, sitting outside (weather permitting) and enjoying the fresh air, or reading a chapter of my current book over my breakfast.


Going for a twenty minute gentle stroll first thing in the morning really helps to start my day on the right foot. The fresh air wakes me up and combined with the exercise getting my blood pumping I feel refreshed and energised to face the day. I find a huge benefit in moving my body and notice that whenever I don’t my mental health suffers for my laziness.


Whether you journal about your goals or simply write a stream of consciousness, getting those thoughts out of your head and onto paper really does help to clear your mind. I find if I skip journalling I am less productive as those thoughts are constantly swimming around my head and getting in the way, and instead of focusing on the tasks on my to-do list, I find myself thinking and stressing over the littlest things.


The final step in my morning routine is to make my bed and tidy the space around me. Tidy house, tidy mind. Once the dishes are done, clutter is cleared and my workspace is organised I find it so much easier to concentrate on the tasks before me, and the day ahead is much more productive.

Let me know if you try any of these tips and if they work out for you. What is your favourite thing to do to ensure you have a productive morning? If you need any other tools to help you be more productive, head over to my Etsy shop here where you can find printable daily and weekly planners.

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