The Ultimate Paris Bucket List

If you’re anything like me, you visit a new city with every intention of seeing as much as you can, but you get side tracked or forget to write down all the places you want to see. You then inevitably end up forgetting a few places and by the time you remember the name of the museum or art gallery you really wanted to see it’s time for you to return home. Therefore, to combat this I decided to create the ultimate Paris bucket list and share it for free on my blog.

If you have followed along with my blog so far, or have read some of my previous posts you will know that I will be moving to Paris in September to begin working as an Au Pair for a year. I sat down the other day and wrote down all the places I could think of that I wanted to go, or activities I wanted to do during my year abroad. Obviously, this list is longer than the average as I will be spending a year abroad – however, if you are visiting for a few days you could pick and choose the most exciting attractions from the list. I also realised that this list will probably keep growing and expanding as my knowledge of Paris grows during my year abroad and I find out about new or interesting places to go, so I will probably do another blog post similar to this later on in the year with my updated recommendations.

Download The Ultimate Paris Bucket List from the link above as a PDF.

If you download the bucket list, I would love to hear if you visit those places or have visited them on previous trips. Also let me know in the comments what your favourite places to visit in Paris are, and if I missed any places off my list that you think should be on there.

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